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Promotional fun

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Sometimes it’s all about customers having fun, challenging peers and associating your brand with a feelgood factor.

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Games aren’t always about playing

Animate the total of a pension fund in a digital benefit statement or create a digital leader board for a sales team. Gamification isn’t always about smashing buttons to control an Italian plumber, it can simply be using gamified elements to enhance any experience.

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Live presentations and group training session can be transformed through multiplayer games.

We help teams bond, explore themes or learn new skills with a fun and non-confrontational approach.

Personalised games

Personalisation is becoming one of the best ways to market or communicate with surgical precision. Take something you know about your audience and make the communication personalised to show you understand them and their needs.

It can be as simple as presenting your logo in a game or it could include as much personal data as necessary to fully engage your audience.

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