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LG case study

New Product Campaign

the long story short

The long story short

As one of the largest seed producers in the world, Limagrain are consistently innovating and evolving their product range.

Clay10 work with Limagrain to support their UK marketing activity. Helping promote new products using video, animation and creative launch campaigns, as well as passing on expert knowledge to farmers via digital technologies, such as the new Maize Manager app.


The Brief

Throughout 2020, LG launched two new products as well as helping maize farmers maximise their crop by providing them with a customisable app.

LG had no photographic evidence showing the impact that the new seed varieties could have on the growth of plants. Our challenge was to create a concept that would persuade farmers that the results of the trials would run true within their own crops and that they wouldn’t end up with a season of wasted growth.

Campaign led - Animation - App

tailored animation

The Solution

3D animations were designed to form the core of the marketing campaigns. Our ability to design photo-realistic models enabled us to create imagery and camera shots that would never have been achieved using a traditional plant. We applied the concepts across a range of promotional tools including; print advertising; static digital adverts; animated digital adverts; promotional video.

The new LG Maize Manager app positions LG as thought leaders in their field and supports LG’s marketing activity – giving farmers a ‘one stop shop’ to discover how to get the most successful maize crop possible. From selecting the right seed variety through to harvesting the crop on the right date, the app uses four key areas:

tailored animation

Harvest Manager
Predicts the optimum harvest date by using the farmer’s location as well as information about the crop and a weather API.

Feed Manager
Enables farmers to select the seed variety which will give them the best results for their individual situation, comparing performance and advising of the potential milk or gas value.

Maturity Manager
Uses a heat mapping system to help farmers select the correct maturity of maize to ensure a timely harvest, based on their location.

Sowing Manager
Helps calculate the number of seed bags needed based on the farm size – ensuring there is limited or no wastage.

tailored animation

Campaign materials included:

  • Animations
  • Social media videos
  • Print and digital adverts
  • App
  • Image library

The Outcome

Campaigns to launch the new seed varieties were launched in key publications with a reach of over 100,000 readers. Whilst digital adverts were adapted to six different formats and used on the largest farming forum in the UK with almost 4 million active messages.

3D animation and live action video content provide LG with a library of still and moving images that can be used in publications and support other marketing activities.

Word got out that the new Maize Manager app was being developed and LG quickly built up a waiting list for downloads. Within the first week of launch (prior to any social media promotion), the app had already achieved 153 downloads.

Just downloaded the app and it looks absolutely brilliant. Well done to all involved, there’s been an immense amount of work gone into this and the style and functionality are superb!

Thanks and once again, congratulations on a professional and useful app that will massively enhance our brand and credibility on farm.

Laura Davey
Marketing Services Manager, Limagrain UK