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Evolve case study

Product launch campaigns

the long story short

The long story short

Construction supplier Brymec, wanted a campaign to target customers that hadn’t purchased anything with them for a number of months or even years. To boost engagement and generate sales, we created a beautifully designed animation video brochure, including a special offer.

This exclusive item was delivered directly to targeted customers and Brymec saw a large return on investment, with many returning customers along with some new ones.


The Brief

Brymec understood the importance of marketing and needed a way to quickly set themselves apart from their competitors, allowing customers to see the full breadth of their of services and products in a unique and engaging way.

One brief was to create something special and targeted that would peak interest and encourage past customers that hadn’t purchased anything with them for a number of months or even years, to return to Brymec and choose them as their supplier.

App development - Web development - Design

The Solution

Over the past two years, we’ve helped Brymec deliver a strong and consistent look and feel across a range of digital marketing communications. Working within their existing brand guidelines, we delivered a full range of services across different formats including websites and apps, product brochures, flyers, websites and apps, digital product design tools, video and animation.

In response to the brief targeting previous customers, we created an animation promoting Brymec’s product offering, packaged in a beautifully designed video brochure. The brochure also included a special offer, and this exclusive item was delivered directly to the customer. As you open the brochure a small screen inside immediately starts to play the animation, creating a memorable customer experience.

Fully customisable specification

Automatic product positioning

Ability to manually adjust locations

Realtime 3D view of specification

Price calculation and report generation

Full PDF tender specification output

The Outcome

On top of receiving excellent feedback, Brymec have reported that this has produced one of their highest conversion rates to sales from one campaign. Our continued animation marketing strategy has enabled Brymec to see a huge return on investment compounded by bespoke web tools and mobile applications.

The Clay10 team have been working with us for over two years. We rely on them to work with us on our digital and print marketing. At Brymec we need to show our customers why we are the market leaders in construction materials and Clay10’s level of creativity and technical ability helps us to engage and assist our customers.

Our recent campaign included mailing video brochures to existing and prospective customers. We saw two very large customers return to us, and a few other new customers seek our services. The return on investment has been huge for us.

Wayne D’Ranjo
Marketing Manager Brymec