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Evolve case study
Behavioural gamification
the long story short

The long story short

Ashridge needed an innovative way to perform behavioural profiling, making a previously boring questionnaire process interactive and engaging.

We created them a fun multiplayer game for up to 60 players, which has been played at many of the client’s conferences. After really positive feedback, the tool is being developed to work online for webinars.


The Brief

Behavioural profiling has become a popular way to gain insight into the way people work. Traditionally, it relies on a participant completing a series of questionnaires which are lengthy and unengaging. Having previously experienced this ourselves, we were excited to help Hult Ashridge Executive Education create an innovative and fun way for participants to take part.

App development - Animation - UI/UX Design

tailored animation

The Solution

Our solution was The Peak – a game-based assessment that would engage people with the theory around psychometric testing. Essentially, we combined proven gamification principles with behavioural profiling to create an interactive experience that could be used at group events.

Designed for group situations like face-to-face conferences or virtual events, The Peak allows a presenter to control play. Participants are invited join the game using their phones and are randomly allocated a screen name. Teams of 10 are then generated and must work together to climb a virtual mountain (The Peak).

The use of gamification techniques which engages users, and the combination of individual and team play, created a buzz in the room. Behavioural game theory assumes that by answering a series of scenario-based questions we would be able to determine personality types and gather metrics for analysis after the event, allowing Ashridge to get the insights they needed whilst building brand reputation.

The Outcome

By allowing participants to make individual decisions as well as work as a team, we were able to output a series of valuable metrics from the game.

Decisions and times were recorded, allowing a full analysis of the players to take part. Individuals were presented with a mini report about their profile and team reports were also generated and shared from the game.

Clay10 worked with us to create an amazing and unique gaming experience. We love the fact that we can play the experience at a conference and within 15 minutes the room is buzzing with conversation about the decisions made in the game.

So far over 300 peers and students have played The Peak, helping to position Ashridge as innovators within the field of executive education. We look forward to the next phase of development.

Rachel Sceats