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Roll on Christmas!
luc clayton


We all receive lots of digital communication, some of it may grab your attention with beautiful design or an intriguing headline but getting it right for your customers is often hit and miss. Segmentation of your target audience can be effective but sometimes these brush strokes are too broad.

The Clay10 Christmas game is tailored just for you, with your own branding and scoreboard, and it’s free!

With a personalised approach you can guarantee your communication will resonate and be relevant to your customers.

In Roll on Christmas the personalisation is simple, but if you know more about your customers interests, location, lifestyle, etc, then why not take the time to talk to them directly with a personalised approach?

If you would like to have a chat about how we can help you personalise your communication or you’d like a free personalised Christmas game to enjoy with your colleagues, then get in touch.

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