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Who wants some rocket slippers?

It’s easy to fall into a direct ‘selling’ approach when it comes to products and services. “Hey you! Want to buy my rocket slippers?”. Ok, so with this example, we probably all want some, but other products or services have a more functional purpose. They might save your customers time, do something more efficiently or simply be an iterative upgrade on what your customers already have.

We can all get too focused on getting our idea or product over the line, but marketing often requires an empathetic view of your customers’ needs. “I know that you are tired of queuing in traffic, it makes you late for work, and stresses you out…” “Check out these rocket slippers!”. I’ll try to stop writing about rocket slippers, I promise.

One of our clients, Brymec focus on educating and supporting their customers first. They know and understand their customer needs, and how to save them time and money. They don’t sell rocket slippers (yet), but they can certainly put themselves in their customers shoes.

In the animation below, the process of fitting a copper pipe using a copper press is clear and simple to follow. Whether Brymec’s customers go on to make a purchase is not the goal, understanding the process is.

Focusing on education or guidance rather than a direct sale can seem a little too passive especially in an environment where there may be ambitious sales targets set in place, but in the long run, educating your customers will always be more valuable. Having said this, we might sneak some rocket slippers in their next catalogue, those bad boys would sell themselves.

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